Men’s Alterations

The Alteration Rooms is your best source for a good fit, great quality, and guaranteed professional alteration services in South Dublin and Wicklow. We pride ourselves on our workmanship that is of the highest quality.

Our Men’s Clothing Alterations & Repair ServicesIf your favourite clothes don’t fit, need restyling or need repairing, we can help! At The Alteration Rooms we can perform any type of alterations to many types of garment.

Our experienced, skilled and highly-qualified staff will ensure that your clothes alterations, will be looked after and amended in the most professional manner. We will shape the garment and achieve the perfect fit for your body type. Whether it is the shortening of a hem, taking in a waist, this is the craft we specialise in. Clothing alterations are quite different to tailoring and the skill of the alteration lies in the expert fitting.

Coat, Jacket, Suit and Shirt Alterations are part of our jobs everyday…

Do I need to book an appointment or visit you?

There is no need to make an appointment if you want to have a fitting at our shop. However, if the alteration you require is extensive, we recommend that you contact us first so we can ensure you have our dedicated attention.